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The Yellow Book - Gifted Kinder Prep (age 3 & 4)

A series of abstract academic exercises to build abstract spatial and critical thinking skills.



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The Green Book -First and Second Grades

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The Blue Book -Kindergarten - First Grade

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25 Assorted Designs - Abstract Spatial (Brain Training) Puzzles

Abstract Spatial Puzzles Prints 

Try our abstract spatial puzzles. They are unique works of art and a labor of love. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite 12–piece abstract puzzles for students to make and solve. We have drawn them, classroom tested, and formatted them in PDF, but it is up to you to download, print, cut them out for students to solve.  

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Inspired by the works of visual teaching artist and Frobel methodologies these fun and engaging exercises support the building blocks for math, reading and critical thinking skills using an ask and answer format. The workbook has over 200 practice questions ideal for children ages 3-6. Students practice flexible thinking, spatial reasoning and improve number sense by practicing addition, subitizing, letter formation and geometric shape recognition.  

Preschool - early elementary (ages 3-6) 


How it helps: These brain exercises help boost your child's critical thinking, logical, and reasoning skills, all essential in getting your child ready for a future that demands creative thinkers and problem solvers.


Purchase your copy of Critical Thinking with Lines, Shapes, Numbers and Squiggles and unlock your child’s potential.


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