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Comp 10 First Edition - Math Card Game (Twin-pack)

Math Card game - Common Core Math can be frustrating for both students and parents. This card game teaches essential math skills in a fun and fast way. Ages 4+. 2 or more players.


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Created by a dad and elementary school math coach, this game is designed to improve math test scores by supporting the building blocks for math and prealgebra using complements of 10 (base 10) format.  Students practice flexible thinking, spatial skills and improve number sense by practicing addition, subtraction, subitizing, and geometric shape recognition.


A competitive game of numbers and strategy, this unique card game requires players to make sums of ten to earn points. Win the game with 100 points using multiple math strategies including: addition, subtraction, odds and evens, doubles, rounding and division.


This is a strategy card game that students and adults will love to play.  It's a great family game. If you can add to ten, you can play the game.  If you enjoy strategy and competition, you’ll love this game.  COMP 10 is now available for preorder.  


Get 108 cards in the (2-decks) twin pack.  International orders and classroom packs of 10 or more please email



What this game has to offer:

Dr. Tucker - Principal - Chicago Public Schools

"We're excited to use Comp10 as part of our school's math curriculum"